Stickman Hot Potato

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Stickman Hot Potato: This is a pretty simple game: Throw a flaming hot potato to burn your opponents’ hands instead of yours! It’s like playing catch, but with a fiery twist. Just don’t get caught holding the potato when the timer reaches 0, or you’ll be feeling the heat! Four fast modes await you, two of which are 2-player. Compete against friends or family, or take on the CPU if you’re flying solo. First to 1,000 points wins! For a unique challenge, try Hot Rings mode and race to destroy your opponent’s rings. Use the four unique power-ups - cloak, freeze, clone, and slow motion - but remember to use them wisely!

Use arrow keys to move to the potato and toss it off your court If it stays in your court for over 3 seconds you rsquo ll be scored on

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Speel online game Stickman Hot Potato. Een van de vele Boys-games die je gratis online kunt spelen in je webbrowser op GameTop. Stickman Hot Potato is ook een spel dat op een mobiele telefoon, tablet en pc computer kan worden gespeeld. Andere spellen die je misschien leuk vindt zijn: Extreme Hand Slap, Baby Dragons, Join Clash Epic Battle, Mario Jigsaw Puzzle Collection, Super Mario Wheelie, Brick Surfer, Perfect First Date, Shortcut Pro. Geen download of installatie nodig om dit gratis spel te spelen. Ik hoop dat je van dit spel geniet in je dagelijks leven.

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